Fear Not Living Cover

Fear not living is a long form narrative written and produced for Northern Arizona University’s journalism capstone course. It is a look at immigration through the eyes of immigrants and the struggles they encounter in the United States without legal status in the country.

Runner Without a Country from Clark Mindock on Vimeo. Short Documentary on Guor Marial, the South Sudan born long distance runner who competed in the London 2012 Olympics independently.

George. from Clark Mindock on Vimeo. George is an ex-felon, a grad student and Cajun. (Photo essay spring 2013 a la “one in eight million” by the NY Times)

Weatherford Pinecone. from Clark Mindock on Vimeo. The pinecone is dropped to celebrate the new year every Dec 31st at 10 p.m. and midnight. Here’s a brief look at it’s fifteen year history.

Flagstaff Photography on the Square from Clark Mindock on Vimeo. A business promotional filmed for Flagstaff’s Photography on the Square

Food Truck. from Clark Mindock on Vimeo.

Swingers. from Clark Mindock on Vimeo.

NAU Narwhals Quidditch from Clark Mindock on Vimeo. Northern Arizona University Narwhal Qudditch Club/Team About